Regent hairstyle



Regent hairstyle リーゼント(スタイル)
"Regent Daruma" リーゼントだるま

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The Regent Hairstyle in Japan
The hair is kept in place with a lot of pomade and wax.
It got its Japanese name from the Regent street in London, where it was often seen.

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gure Daruma ぐれダルマ

デザイナー: 現代美術二等兵

On his belly there is the Chinese character for

bad 悪  aku

It comes in many varieties, even as a piggy bank.

Gure Daruma in Black 黒ぐれダルマ

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is a style of haircut which takes its name from Madame de Pompadour.

The pompadour was a fashion trend in the 1950s among male rockabilly artists and actors.
In recent years the pompadour hair style has been adopted by those enamoured with vintage culture of the late 50s and early 1960s that includes antique cars, hot rods, American folk music, rockabilly bands, and Elvis Presley.

In modern Japanese popular culture, the pompadour is a stereotypical hairstyle often worn by gang members, thugs, members of the yakuza and its junior counterpart bōsōzoku, and other similar groups such as the yankii (high-school hoodlums).
In Japan the style is known as the "Regent" hairstyle, and is often caricatured in various forms of entertainment media such as anime, manga, television, and music videos.

A pompadour is often created by combing the sides of the hair back, while fanning the top of the hair forward and curling over itself. There are numerous ways to sculpt a pompadour. Some only curl the front few inches of their hair up, while others comb their hair back and use their hands to "push" it into its desired place.
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ponpa ポンパ pompa
the hairstyle for girls, like Madame Pompadour
Marquise de Pompadour,
Jeanne Antoinette Poisson、(1721―64)
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