Triangular Daruma Sankaku



SANKAKU Daruma 三角だるま・三角ダルマ
Triangular, conical Daruma

The Daruma with a sharply pointed head, called “Triangle Daruma” (sankaku Daruma) is a clay doll produced in Northern Japan in the province of Echigo, village of Suibara.(水原)。
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This is a real roly-poly doll with a special weight at the bottom.

In 1806, the first generation Imai Denjuuroo started making these dolls in the tradition of clay dolls from - Fushimi - Kyoto with the colors mixed with laquer.

famous Imai Tokujiroo of Suibara in Niigata Prefecture. He passed away when he was almost 100 years old.

The Family Imai is now in the eights generation producing this funny Daruma. It has become a standard present in this area for a wedding and at the birth of a child.

Some of these dolls are now also made in other areas and also of other materials, like paper or wood.
The paining of the face is a simple dot eyes, dot-nose and mouth-line, and is quite humorous.

There are a few varieties of these dolls in the Tohoku region, but their origin seems to be in Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima.

Since it is a strong symbol of getting up again (okiagari), it was well loved by the silk farmers, as an amulet to hope the silk worms would "get up" and produce a lot of thread.

Fishermen put it in their boats to "get up" when they were in a difficult position at sea.


新潟の三角だるま From Niigata

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Since the bottom is heavy and the doll stands up allways, it is a good-luck charm for the local fishermen of Niigata, who “want to float a boat in need as fast as possible”, a play with the word “uki-agaru”, to get up, to float.





The famous Zen priest Ryookan (Ryokan) also painted a triangular Daruma.

source : shinzos10.cocolog-nifty.com


by Masaaki.K
source : 風邪のコリドー


Local dolls from Niigata.

On the first picture you can easily recognize our triangular Daruma, one with a simple face and a small one with eyebrows and beard and stripes on the long head. These Daruma are also called “Tsuno-n-gyoo” (Dolls with a horn) or “okorobi” (the falling-down doll).


source : www.asahi-net.or.jp

and with a cat doll from Echigo

source : momoten


Shiori, bookmark with Niigata Daruma

On a page of a collector of bookmarks (shiori) there is also a nice one with our triangular Daruma. It is a woodblockprint with two of our friends.

source : sibainu63/siori-9.


Daruma Monaka だるま最中 Daruma Waffles
in the form of our Sankaku Daruma 三角だるま Triangular Daruma

. Folk Toys from Niigata .

. Japan after the BIG earthquake March 11, 2011 .

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tsurushibina, tsurushi bina つるし雛 / 吊るし雛 small hanging hina dolls

. sankaku 三角 triangle / sankaku hi-uchi 三角火打 (さんかくひうち) .

Medicine in Edo, packing in a triangle . . .