Kazusa Daruma


Kazusa Daruma 上総だるま

  松本 節太郎 

. . . . . His wonderful Daruma Colletcion !

Most of the dolls are made from torn pages of old books and magazines. Check the LINK for many many more.

Good Luck Symbols 財宝


Lucky Fish Symbols

Princess Camellia

Plants and beetles

Other motives

Eto, zodiac animals 干支
Seven Gods of Good Luck 七福神
Vegetables, yasai 野菜
pine, bamboo, plum, shoochikubai 松竹梅
lucky hammar, ofuku kozuchi おふく小槌
kakakuri flowers
plum and bush warbler, uguisu to ume
tsurukame 鶴亀
koma こま. 駒
kooshin monkey 庚申
Princess Phoenix 姫だるま 鳳凰

The original Kazusa Daruma, with a hollow face


The Main Story is here

- AYAME Daruma, Iris-Daruma  あやめだるま 菖蒲達磨
Kashiwa Daruma 柏だるま


Kazusa Province (上総国, Kazusa-no kuni)
was a province of Japan in the area of modern Chiba Prefecture.It lies on in the middle of the Bōsō Peninsula (房総半島), whose name takes its first kanji from the name of Awa Province and its second from Kazusa and Shimōsa Provinces. Its abbreviated form name was Sōshū (総州) or Nansō (南総).

Kazusa is classified as one of the provinces of the Tōkaidō. Under the Engishiki classification system, Kazusa was ranked as a "great country" (大国) and a far country (遠国). Along with Kōzuke and Hitachi, it was originally one of the provinces where an imperial prince was nominally assigned as governor.

Kazusa was originally part of a larger territory known as Fusa Province (総国, occasionally 捄国, Fusa-no-kuni), which was divided into “upper” and “lower” portions (i.e. Kazusa and Shimōsa) during the reign of Emperor Kōtoku (645-654).
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. Kobayashi Issa 小林一茶 .

waga hoshi wa Kazusa no sora o urotsuku ka

sky over Kazusa--
is my star up there

Tr. David Lanoue

suisen ya senaka ni ateru Kazusa yama

I show Kazusa mountains
my back

This hokku is from 1812 (Bunka 9). In the 3rd-5th months of 1812 Issa was on the road in Kazusa (in modern Chiba Prefecture), and on 6/18 he arrived back in his hometown. On 6/9 he was in Ueda in Nagano Pref., according to his hokku dairy. So this hokku was written a little later than 6/9, probably just after Issa returned on 6/18 to his hometown in the Shinano mountains, which are not anywhere near Kazusa. No day date is given above the hokku.
The Kazusa mountains are far to the east, a little farther away from his hometown than Edo.
source : Chris Drake

上総山, modern Nokogiriyama 鋸山

Famous for its steep cliffs and many stone Buddhas, and in modern days, for a big cliff Buddha statue.

When taking a boat crossing the bay from Tokyo, you can see the cliff from far away.
Nowadays there is a cable car up to the top.

Mount Nokogiri
(鋸山, Nokogiri-yama) is a low mountain on the Bōsō Peninsula on Honshu, Japan. It lies on the southern border of the city of Futtsu and the town Kyonan in Awa District in Chiba Prefecture.
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hatsuzora no yukidomari nari kazusa yama

the year's first sky
hits a dead end...
Kazusa mountains

Tr. David Lanoue




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Gabi Greve - Buson said...

Yosa Buson

kangetsu ya nokogiri-iwa no akara sama

this cold moon -
the red glow
on Nokogiri-Iwa rocks

. kangetsu